Unconscious Automaton

by Gutted Souls

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"Their sound reminds me of what you might get if you compacted Jungle Rot, Death, Dying Fetus, and a smidge of Lamb Of God into one giant death metal sandwich. You’ve got the old school death metal sound with the more brutal death metal aspects of Dying Fetus mixed with guitar tones that feel similar to some of Lamb Of God’s songs (The demo track ‘Mondo Psycho’ always makes me think their song ‘Redneck’ is about to play)." Blastbeats and Silver Screens

"...Their ferocious brand of no holds barred death metal crushes souls and is not afraid to get heavier than anything you've heard in years. I personally love the crushing riffs on songs like Mondo Psycho which showcase how brutal this band is willing to get. A big part of the this bands sheer brutality is the oh so destructive growls that add a certain ear exploding power to the mix. The riffs are hectic too, they make the songs blast along at an incredible pace and true metallers will bend the knee at Gutted Hate's raw metal mastery." Two Guys Metal Reviews

"...GUTTED SOULS and their 2012 EP (Unconscious Automaton) displays some of the most brutal, and original deathmetal in quite some time! Dancing to the Sound of the Powers that be, starts this carve and hack routine with killer riffing, fast time changes, and brutal vocals, very death yet controlled style of this type..killer track! Psychopathic ruler violently stabs through once again displaying some hellish riffing, killer single foot smashing, and brutal breakdowns and well thought out formulas... The Undying Stars (my favorite track) is pure fucking deathmetal... this far into their world they have your soul, those riffing, that fast fucking grind and killer vocals rip through and kills any one in it's way. Ending this brutal murder, Words of Hate is classic death. There is alot of talent in this band, and there is no doubt in my mind, that they are on there way to bigger things to come, this EP fucking kills." Dana, Holy Hell Webzine

"Não fosse pelo vocal à lá Matti Way (ex-Disgorge americano), a pergunta seria: trata-se um novo trabalho da Angel Corpse? Por aí, dá-se o atestado do nível dessa banda carioca, que “apenas” massacra com seu poderoso Death Metal. Se alguém não acredita, é só conferir. Em todas as seis faixas, a sensação é a mesma: trata-se de um grupo seguro de si, cheio de técnica, criatividade e experiência – quase dez anos de estrada. É balada atrás de balada (no sentido de bala de revólver, ok?), com uma bateria bem tocada, juntamente com os outros instrumentos. Aliás, as estruturas das composições são um show!..." Som Extremo Blog

"The Undying Stars" abre o EP com a bateria dando a sensação que caímos em meio a um fogo cruzado pois é metranca na orelha. A banda faz algumas alternâncias no ritmo em alguns trechos mas o que prevalece é a velocidade e riffs marcantes, sem falar nos guturais bem executados por Iron. "Psychopathic Ruler" começa sem misericórdia, pois o arsenal não acaba e mais metranca, só que nessa faixa há um solo onde a velocidade é deixada de lado, mas na boa é apenas pra recarregar e logo em seguida vem mais chumbo grosso até o fim. "Dancing to the Sound...of the Powers that Be" é marcante pelos seus riffs grudentos e bateria intensamente veloz, cadência e técnica, tudo bem encaixado e vocal absurdamente gutural mas entendível, brutalidade, velocidade e técnica, para mim a melhor faixa do EP. "Words of Hate" destaca a técnica, inteligência e brutalidade sonora da banda, riffs violentos, solos bem encaixados, vocal ignorantemente insano como em todas as faixas..." Filipe Lima, Over Metal Zine

"Não tem como negar a qualidade do underground nacional nos dias de hoje. Nem o mais chato e exigente dos bangers pode negar o fato de que muitas de nossas bandas estão no mesmo nível, ou são até superiores que muitas do cenário internacional. E isso também se aplica aos cariocas do Gutted Souls e seu Brutal Death Metal. O material que apresentam, além de ser um massacre para ouvidos mais sensíveis, tem alta qualidade!..." Leandro Vianna, A Música Continua a Mesma - Blog

"O disco trás seis faixas, sendo duas da demo de 2011, e três inéditas. O EP apresenta os jargões do gênero, bateria rápida com muitos blast beats, riffs igualmente rápidos e cadenciados, ditando o andamento das composições. Sonoramente incontestável, faixas bem trabalhadas, e brutais." Artur Azeredo, Heavy Metal All Night


released November 1, 2012

Gutted Souls and Wellington Ferrari for mixing and mastering.



all rights reserved


Gutted Souls Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

GUTTED SOULS started in 2004 when the members of the band NECROPEDOPHILE, after lauching their demo FETAL GORE of 2002, started deviating from their proposed path of making Traditional Death Metal. As the musicians started to become more proficient in their respective instruments, the musical direction changed to something more Technical and brutal. ... more

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Track Name: The Undying Stars (Remaster 2016)
Not quite living, still not really dead
a life of frustation, and senseless movement
For endless days , I watch
I watch the stars...

Looking for meaning, looking for purpose
looking for anything

Resigned, I turn myself
into anything
I can lose myself into

Dissociated, I forget myself
Not much more than an machine now...

Still an voice insists to call
From the depths of my being
muffled, constantly speaking
"remember thyself for thou art king"

But I cant resist the pull of life too great
mechanicity, reacting to life
sex, drugs, dark emotions
all can be used to bind
Me... in a frozen state
Lacking consciousness
A mere puppet

Only a minute now
flash a whole life is gone
what have you done
that lasts?
Track Name: Psychopathic Ruler (Remaster 2016)
In my black heart
I know
I see
farther than you
This world is dying
Dont care
must take
what is mine by birthright

Unleashing my wrath on opposing nations
Unfolding my vision
If you deny me, I shall trample you
Dictator - Psychopath - Your Beloved

In my sick mind
I see
five moves ahead
Like chess
If stealth doest work
Just kill milions

Using genocide as tactic of terror
To unfold my vision, of a happy earth
Dictator - Psychopath - Your Beloved Ruler

The king never dies... the system is king

Behead the king - Kill the president
Does not work - The system will find

Another psycho - Another face
to blame it all - while the masters laugh

You see
its bigger
Than you think.
Millenia of corrupted intent
To undo the curse, you must awaken...
To the true reality of life
Dictator - Psychopath - Your Beloved Ruler
Track Name: Dancing to the Sound... of the Powers That Be (Remaster 2016)
Dancing to the sound... of the powers that be

Yesterday while on the street
I watched a display of inhumanity
A murder happening in broad daylight
the killer had vacant eye, did not remember what passed

Like a trance... he did not know
unaware of his murderous acts

incarcerated no one believes him
they saw what was to be saw:
he killed a controversial scientist
So much hate, "he is beyond recgnition"
and now lying about brainwashing?

Tears...gone unheard
still incarcerated

He was just yet another, average killing machine
waiting for the orders
to kill, and forget
just yet another grenbaum

Pawn of the unseen rullers
disposable at their will
a killer untraceable
no choice for him but...

Dancing to the sound... of the powers that be
In dispair he thinks "im insane"

Dancing to the sound...

Eager to clean his name
he denies, he is a good man
abiding citizen, lawfull
he was of the army

One phonecall... is all he needs
In the jail they concede
"...one call, to an attorney
when he dials a surprise
the number they given only makes a strange
noise... and says:"
Track Name: Words of Hate (Remaster 2016)
Words of Hate, spreading like fire
Words of Hate, breeding the disease

Group mind thinking, paramoralistic
Excuses for pathological thinking

Preaching the conflict, praying for the conflict
To justify yourself, your lack of sense

Words of Hate, spreading like fire
Words of Hate, Breeding the disease

Disguised, as logic
You deny all fact just to be right

Violent opose, when there is no need
You stand Unchangeable in the winds of time

You are...to I...unchangeable.

Words of Hate...
Words of Hate...

Authoritarian, make your words god, deny all reason

Authoritarian, make your words god, deny all reason
And force your mind
Thy will shall be done, by the might of your voice, Authoritarian,
One mind, known by many names...

You are...the facism
You are...religious dogmatism
You are...fanatical scientists
You are...those who cannot acept

The other...self
Track Name: Mondo Psycho (Demo 2011)
Walking among the dead
Their numbers rising
I stand alone
Trapped in a jungle of concrete
In a jungle of concrete...

Hypnotyzed sheep, lifeless.
drifting through life, mindless
Dreaming they are eagles
when they are only cattle.

Control Systems say: Kill Kill Kill!
Control systems say: Kill your mind!

Insane minds posing as normal
Deranged stars paving the way
the blind leading the blind
to the gaping mouth of doom

The atlantean repeat
Hubris, our defeat
Neverending desire
Of mass kill

Civilization - Not built to last - Dehumanization at last

Mondo Psycho
Borderline insanity

Staring my eyes - How can I see? - the plan accomplished

Mondo psycho
Ruled by Psychopaths

Mondo Psycho

Waking up, to face reality
alongside a few humans still sane
in the minefield of lies and deception...