The Illusion of Freedom

by Gutted Souls

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"In the lands of Brazil, the greater part of Metal bands have a more extreme insight. Yes, this is one tradition of our scene, and this is the reason that we have excellent bands in extreme genres of Metal (but we have excellent melodic bands as well). Then, carrying this legacy and honoring Brazilian Death Metal School from Rio de Janeiro comes the quartet GUTTED SOULS, that after a long trial due to changes in the lineup and other problems, comes with its first album, called “The Illusion of Freedom”.

Their musical work is built upon a fusion of a classical Death Metal in a format that reminds the style practiced by North American bands as DEICIDE, SUFFOCATION and OBITUARY, with technical approach and brutality from Brutal Death Metal. Of course that their musical work is not as trivial, because they are playing some complex musical structures and even the use of fine melodic lines to bind together all the range of the band’s influences is allowed here. But it’s catchy as well, easy to understand and assimilated by the fans. Pay attention and be reeled in by their musical work. Rodrigo Oliveira made the sound production of the “The Illusion of Freedom” (and previously worked with KORZUS and ARMORED DAWN). The recording sessions, mixing and mastering were done at Dharma Studios, on São Paulo. The final result is really very good, with very good instrumental tunes, everything sounding clear and brutal, and keeping the essential rawness dose that a Death Metal album must bear. Yes, it sounds great to our ears!

Excellent vocals (with an ample range from guttural tunes and high pitched screams), a solid work from guitars (technical riffs and very good solos, from where flows the brutal harmonies used by the band), and a technical and brutal work from bass guitar and drums (that creates a solid rhythmic basis) are the elements of their work, so be prepared for musical violence with very good taste.

All the nine songs from “The Illusion of Freedom” are excellent, but we can say that the rhythmic diversity of “Being Human” (where the work from bass guitar and drums is excellent), the catchy brutality that is created by the tempos and guitars on “The Authoritarian Follower”, the bitter slow parts of “Mondo Psycho” (a great moment from vocals, for they fit on the changes of rhythm), the strong and massive wall of riffs shown on “Psychopathic Ruler”, the excellent rhythmic works of “Addicted to Power”, and the aggressive massive killing done by the band on “Dancing to the Sound… Of the Powers that Be” (that shows another great moment from the vocals). As you can see by the songs’ names, the band prefers to use an intelligent approach on real themes.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 18 August 2017, 9:36 AM
On Metal Temple"


releases August 21, 2017

Artwork by Dr.Winter /

Recorded at Dharma Studios



all rights reserved


Gutted Souls Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Gutted Souls is technical, brutal and oldschool all in a giant Death Metal mix.
Fighting tyrannies and oligarchies since 2004.

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Track Name: Being Human
Alive... am I?
Forgot yourself
Being human
Is not so trivial

As you rise up to work
Do you wonder
What could have been?

As you put your child to sleep
Are you sure they are safe?

Not dead...
Being Human
Is not so trivial

After all, what lurks ahead?
A planet slowly dying
Not many seem to care

Trying to cope
With being alive
In an age of turmoil

A broken soul
In mechanical grind
Just surviving

Violated day in and day out
Until you go...

From ashes to ashes

A broken soul
Living a mechanical lie

Leading us one by one to our fall
Track Name: The Authoritarian Follower
A glitch in the brain...
The area of reason
Is... overrided
By an overactive limbic brain
The processing of strong emotions impaired
Unavoidable cognitive splitting
Black and white thinking, follower, follower
Frontal cortex reasoning, a distant reality in this being

All reasoning, colored
By easily manipulable emotions
Of disgust, of hate and contempt

Total insecurity
You command, I obey
Your command I shall obey

Politicians, religious fanatics
The common man
Everyone who is eager... to... submit

And relinquish… responsibility of his life
Theists or atheists, in all shapes and sizes
Authoritarian followers
Track Name: Mondo Psycho
Walking among the dead
Their numbers rising
I stand alone
Trapped in a jungle of concrete
Inside a jungle of concrete

Hypnotized sheep, lifeless
Drifting through life, mindless
Dreaming they are eagles
When they are only cattle

Control systems say: "Kill, kill, kill!"
Control systems say: "Kill your mind!"

Insane minds posing as normal
Deranged stars paving the way
The blind leading the blind
To the gaping mouth of doom

The atlantean repeat
Hubris, our defeat
Never ending desire
Of mass kill

Civilization, not built to last, dehumanization at last

Mondo psycho
Borderline insanity

Mondo psycho
Ruled by psychopaths

The rulers are pleased with their cattle
They are docile and happy with slavery
And will fight with all their might to remain in slavery

Mondo psycho

Waking up to face reality
Alongside a few humans still sane
In the minefield of lies and deception
Track Name: The Undying Stars
The Undying Stars

Not quite living, still not really dead
A life of frustration and senseless movement
For endless days I watch
I watch the stars...

Looking for meaning, looking for purpose
Looking for anything

Resigned, I turn myself
Into anything
I can lose myself into...

Dissociated, I forget myself
Not much more than a machine now...

Still a voice insists to call
From the depths of my being
Muffled, constantly speaking
Remember thyself for thou art king!

But I can't resist the pull of life
Immense mechanicity reacting to life
Sex, drugs, dark emotions
All can be used to bind me
In a frozen state
Lacking consciousness

A mere puppet

Only a minute now
Flash! A whole life has gone
What have you done
That lasts?
Track Name: Snakes in Suits
Breeding more money and more power, more everything
I want more, more, more!

Slash some trees, downsize some companies
Increase the margin, oligarchy

Make some deals, buy privilege
Corporate immunity, oligarchy

Snakes in suits, lying in every breath
Snakes in suits, made you their willing slave

Justify inequality, twist the truth
Make yourself essential and put your mask of sanity

A psychopath's job of choice
Anything that leads to ultimate power

The power to do away with the life of many
If so he pleases and being able to get away with it
Not only that, but having people applauding him for doing so
The ultimate reversal of life, a pathocratic World

A world made of lies, hierarchy and authority

Self-serving entropic madness

What can be done?

The power to do away with the life of many
If so he pleases, and being able to get away with it
Not only that, but having people applauding him for doing so
The ultimate reversal of life, a pathocratic world
Track Name: Psychopathic Ruler
In my black heart
I see
Farther than you

This world is dying
Don't care
Must take
What is mine

Unleashing my wrath on all opposing nations
If you deny me, I shall trample you

Dictator, psychopath, your beloved ruler

In my sick mind
I see
Five moves ahead

Like chess
If stealth doesn't work
Just kill millions

Using genocide as tactic of terror
To unfold my vision of a happy earth
Dictator, psychopath, your beloved ruler

The king never dies... for the system is king

Behead the king, kill the president
Does not work, the system will find
Another psycho, another face
To blame it all, while the masters laugh

You see
It's bigger
Than you think

Millennia of corrupted intent

To undo the curse, you must awaken
To the true reality of life

Dictator, psychopath, your beloved ruler
Track Name: Addicted to Power
Ruling from atop the skies
The unconscious masses
Pulling your strings
Giving my calls...
I Decide...
Deciding your fate
Unsuspecting people
Removed from my view
To me, just numbers

I must get my fix
Money and things are nothing to me
I only hunger for one thing
I only lust after power

I cannot be satisfied
With anything less
More than a predilection
A full blown Addiction

Guiding my steps
Towards the demise of others
Cannot see this blind Addiction

I, the one who's empathy-less
The realms of feelings I, shall deny!